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Hi and Welcome to Academy Four. We are a group of senior IGCSE & IB teachers. We have estabilished this academy to help IB and IGCSE students for four subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology. Our teachers at Academy Four has been offering Online IB & IGCSE Tutoring for more than 12 years. We have helped more than 600 students with our One on one online tutoring in India and around the globe.

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    IGCSE & IB Online Academy Four Tutors 

    We are a very small group of teachers. All from reputed IB and IGCSE schools. We have seperate teachers for IB and IGCSE. Academy Four offers One on One Online Tutoring for four subjects only. Each subject is handled by a specialist teacher who has 5-10 years experienced. Let us have a look at our team.

    1. IB Mathematics
    2. IGCSE Mathematics
    3. IB Physics
    4. IGCSE Physics
    5. IB Chemistry
    6. IGCSE Chemistry
    7. IB Biology
    8. IGCSE Biology
    Academy Four

    Academy Four Tutors delivering peace of mind

    Academy Four is a renowned name for online home tuition providers. We have the main motto of offering quality IGCSE & IB Online tuition to students at their doorstep. We have been providing online IB tuition for more than a decade, and we have offered the best results to many students. Our Online IB & IGCSE tutors have in-depth knowledge and insights into the subject, and they train students to solve complicated sums in minutes. Firstly, Maths, Physics, Chemisstry and Biology offers a wide range of career opportunities, and getting taught by highly acclaimed tutors will enable you to improve your basics about these subjects. Secondly, cracking the IB examination will also boost your chances of getting near to your ambitions. 

    Maths may seem extra challenging because of unlimited formulas and theorems. But our Academy Four tutors will enable you to get a stronghold of the subject by offering lots of tricks and techniques to quickly solve mathematical questions. Academy Four ensures that young IB aspirants can get the guidance of the best tutors who are highly specialized in teaching P.C.M.B.

    Our mission & Vision

    Our sole mission is to offer specialized training to students so that they can answers quickly. We hold well-qualified and experienced teachers who can help your ward excel in mathematical skills to crack the IB examination. The coming era will be focused on STEM education, and Math will play an integral role. Therefore, we aim to provide a good vision and guidance to students to survive and thrive in the Mathematics field. So, stop getting worried about the IB examination. Get in touch with Academy Four Tutors to get a quality tutorial at your doorstep.

    Why should you choose Academy Four for online IB or IGCSE preparation?

    Better grades

    With the help of online IB tutors, the main goal is to help your ward get mastery over the subject. Tutors will help your child focus on reviewing past year question papers and learning new concepts as per the demand of the question. Ensure better scores by contacting Academy Four.

    24*7 focused support

    It is impossible to get focused support when students study in groups. But, through online IB tuition, your ward will receive 24*7 focussed support from the teacher. In addition to this, students get more comfortable raising questions and asking for help. 

    Talented and updated Academy Four Tutors

    We have a team of some of the most renowned tutors for IB & IGCSE exam preparation. Our tutors’ team always upgrades themselves to help students get the latest updates and tricks about the exam. The teachers are quite passionate about teaching. Thus, they can help students master all concepts quickly. 

    Application-oriented class & Comprehensive study material

    Most students get frustrated with maths questions because they don’t understand the relevance of concepts in real life. But at our academy Online IB Tutors helps students know how mathematics is expressed in real-life situations. Students will get lots of classroom demonstrations to understand the significance and use of mathematics in everyday life.

    Study materials are as relevant as class and tutors. Academy Four offers a colossal question bank so that students can practice lots of questions. Online IB & IGCSE tutors have also prepared questions that are modelled as per last year’s problems. So, the students will get sufficient exposure to important questions. These questions have the probability that IGCSE & IB can ask them in the examination. 

    Major Subjects taught by our IGCSE & IB Online Academy Four Tutors

    IB and IGCSE offer several subjects. Students choose them based on their interests and career goals. But we only offer One on One Online Tutoring for following subjects

    • IB Maths AA & AI
    • IGCSE Mathematics
    • IB Physics HL & SL
    • IGCSE Physics
    • IB Chemistry HL & SL
    • IGCSE Chemistry
    • IB Biology HL and SL
    • IGCSE Biology

    The assessment process for the IB exam- IBO takes examination two times, May exams & November exams. The evaluation of the paper has two major parts that include internal assessment and external assessment. 

    Internal & External assessment

    Internal assessment is a unique feature of IB examination. Students has to write Internal assessment (IA) for each subject they have opted. IA is like a mini research paper. Students select a topic of their choice with the help of their school teachers. Our Online IB Tutors can help students write their IA in the standard format.

    The IB carries out internal examination through a regular exam.It involves long responses to different questions, MCQs, short answer questions, and data analysis of additional problems. As far as Mathematics is concerned, there are three question papers

    • Mathematics Paper One
    • Calculator based paper two and
    • Paper three that has mainly theory
    Marks distribution for IB examination

    For all subjects, students get a score out of 7. In addition to this, They get additional 3 points for completing TOK and EE elements that make up a total of 45-points. 

    To qualify for the IB exam, students must get at least 24 marks out of 45 characters. But, to gain admission to a top university, students need to score more than 24 points. With Academy Four, you will get details about how to complete the questions as per the given deadline.

     So, stop worrying and get in touch with top IB Online tutors to learn tips and tricks about solving questions. 

     With Academy Four, you can expect to get high-quality knowledge about IB and IGCSE, proper guidance from Online IB Tutors, and 24*7 support to get high grades. So, what are you waiting for?. Get set ready to help your ward getting the best scores in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Let your child achieve academic excellence smoothly. Prepare your child to become leaders of tomorrow with Academy FourContact us today to get details about the courses.