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Academy For Excellence offers tutoring the IGCSE, IB Diploma & Middle Yearprogram students. IB Mathematics is one of these subjects. We are a small group of teachers highly dedicated to their work. Mr. V. K. Gupta heads our IB Mathematics department.

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    He has taught mathematics to IB Diploma program students for more than 17 years. He is very popular among his students as a magician of Mathematics. Mr. Gupta has developed a unique teaching style with his vast experience & he is known to make complicated concepts easy for the students.

    IB Maths Tutor Experience & Background

    Mr. V. K Gupta originally belongs to Delhi, India, and currently, he is working as a very senior IB Maths Tutor in a reputed IB school. He has also been helping students by taking One-on-one Online IB Maths Online Tuition classes with Academy Four after his school hours. Let’s have a look at his rich experience:-

    • Currently, he is working as an IBEN Program leader with International Baccalaureate (IB) since August 2023
    •  Working As an IB Mathematics AA HL IA Team leader since February 2019
    •  He is also working as an IB IA & AA HL Paper 2 Examiner with IBO since from Feb 2013 till date
    •  He has been working as a Vice Principal at Sekolah Global Indo-Asia IB World School in Indonesia from July 2020 to date
    •  Mr. V. K Gupta has worked as an IB extended essay and Diploma Program coordinator from May 2018- to June 2023
    •  He has served as an IBDP Mathematics Facilitator from 2016-2018 at the same school
    •  He has worked as an A / AS Level Teacher for CAIE at Raffel Christian Schools Jakarta, Indonesia, from 2014 to 2016
    •  Worked as an IBDP Mathematics Teacher at Gandhi Memorial Inter-continental School from 2012-2014

    What do we teach as an IB Online Maths Tutor

    Our highly professional IB Maths Tutors teach following Courses-:

    1. He teaches IB Maths Application & Interpretation, both HL & SL for both IB DP One and Two
    2.  and IB Maths Application & Analysis for both HL and SL for both IB DP One and Two
    3.  He offers guidance for IB Internal assessment for all IB DP Maths Courses
    4.  He provides tutoring for IB Mathematics Extended Essays.
    5.  You can also ask for tutoring on functions, Algebra, Calculus, etc.

    Notable Features of our Services

    Our teachers know how to make classes memorable and exciting. We train our students to use Mathematical concepts in day-to-day life and help them connect with a topic better. We work with our students as a team to troubleshoot their problems. Our high-quality multimedia presentations make the work easy and memorable.

    • Get Valuable short notes after each chapter
    • Extra exam-styled questions
    • Recorded video lectures
    • Past Year Papers
    • Interactive Powerpoint Presentations

    Our IB Maths Tutor is an expert in using Powerpoint presentations & Zoom whiteboard. There are so many options available there to make the class interactive. Additionally, students can record their lectures and use them whenever they need.

    Why do you need our One on One Online IB Maths Tutoring

    There are multiple reasons for a student to opt for personalised Maths tutoring

    1. You might have missed your school classes for any reason, and no, your teachers at school don’t have time to help
    2.  You are not enjoying classes at your schools
    3.  School teacher is a bit fast or not upto your level of understanding
    4.  or you might need extra practice to score a 7 in IB Maths HL or SL

    Reason can be anything, but we are always there to help you with our highly experienced IB Maths Tutors. You can start your journey towards excellence with a free 30-minute demo class. We are always there to provide a solution tailored to your needs.

    How to Start IB Maths Tuition classes

    1. Fill out the form given on this webpage
    2.  We shall fix a free demo class for you for 30 mins
    3.  book a minimum of five hours of classes
    4.  get teachers’ direct contact details
    5.  Schedule reschedule classes directly with your IB Maths Tutor with great flexibility
    Students Testimonials

    Below are some testimonials from our students:

    Vijay…Hope your Sunmer is going well…wanted to relay that Liam hit a 5 and with other good scores got into his 1st choice university for Mechanical Engineering…. It was only possible with your amazing support….we are very very happy….Thanks for all you did!!!! It worked

    Liam IB DP 2 from Netherlands

    Good morning Sir
    I wanted to share that I have scored a 7 in Maths AA HL… Couldn’t have been possible without your guidance
    Thank you so much

    Anamika IB DP 2 from Singapore

    I wanted to Thank you Vijay sir. It would never be possible for me to score full marks in my IB Maths IA without your support.

    Aasish Sen IB Maths AA SL from Delhi

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